How To Solve Cannot Start Container Bridge Not Found Problem In Docker?


Docker is very useful tool for a large of work types like web server, test something etc. I am using docker with my fedora 23 vm which provides latest version of the docker and technologies. Yesterday when I try to create a containger I got an error like this

Check Docker Networks

When I look existing networks for docker with sudo docker network ls I see an empty table.

Create New Docker Network

Then I try to create a network with sudo docker network create test. After the execution of the command there seems no error or warning but when i look network list it is empty. I googled the problem and found in github. The problem is previous locks in docker network directory those prevents network creation.

Remove Docket Network Daemon Lock

Here is the solution. /var/lib/docker/network directory with sudo rm -Rf /var/lib/docker/network.

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