How To Solve “Dns Server not responding”

DNS is the one of the most importnt protocol for internet and network usage. If DNS woluldn’t be exist you will have to type to your browser in order to access this web site. But some times evenwe have internet connection we may have some access errors related to DNS. In this tutorial we will look different causes and solutions about Dns Server not responding .

We have all ready  provided some solution about DNS related Dns Lookup Problem . You can read it from following link

How To Fix Dns Lookup Failed

Check You DNS Server Settings

In order to see whether problem is caused by our DNS server settings we should check our current DNS server configuration. We can print the DNS server configuration in Windows operating systems with the following command from MS-DOS or Powershell.

> ipconfig /all
Check You DNS Server Settings
Check You DNS Server Settings

Restart Network Services

The error may be caused by network communication problem. As some experienced readers will know that Windows operating system uses services in order to complete its tasks. Network tasks are handled by network services. Some times this services can be hung which may cause DNS server not responding,  error. We can restart network services with the following command. Run following commands as Administrator or with Administrator privileges.

> netsh winsock reset catalog 

> netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log

Or we can restart network services from the Network icon from Taskbark like below. Click Troubleshoot problems

Restart Network Services
Restart Network Services

Change DNS Server

If we are do not explicitly provided a DNS server for our modem or computer we will generally get work or ISP DNS server settings. We can change our DNS server to more reliable one. We have all ready provided a post which lists popular and quality DNS servers over the world. We can change our current DNS server to one of these DNS servers.

Popular Free DNS Services Around The World

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