How To Specify Different Port for Linux Rsync?

We have been attempting to use rysnc on remote system to backup. But we get network related error. This means we need to enable access to the remote system. But the problem do not solved with this step. Here is the solutions.

Default Rsync Port

Rsync works as a daemon and listen for TCP network port. The default port configuration provided by Rsync daemon is TCP 873 .

Specify Rsync Port Explicitly

The first method to change default rsync port is using --port option with the port number. In this example we will connect remote system port 1234 rsync daemon.

$ rsync --port=1234 [email protected]:/home /mnt/home

Specify Rsync Port In URL

Another method to psecify different port than default is providing the port number in the connection URL. In this example we will specify the port number as 1234 to the poftut3 .

$ rsync  [email protected]:1234:/home /mnt/home

Default Ssh Port

Default ssh port is TCP 22 for all ssh servers which is specified in SSH RFC.

Specify Ssh Port Explicitly

We may use ssh tunnel as a secure wrapper. By default we will connect to the remote system port 22 . But this not always the case. If the remote system port is different than 22 we should specify it explicitly. We will use -e option for this. In thsis exmaple we will connect remote system port 2222 of poftut2

$ rsync -e 'ssh 2222'  [email protected]:/home /mnt/home

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