How To Split, Create and Close Tmux Screen In Linux


Tmux is great tool which saves system administrators from a lot of unnesecary work load. Tmux is creates multiple screens, split current screen and may be the best part even ssh is closed it resumes to work and after reconnect we can resume from where we were.

Open Tmux

We will start tmux terminal emulator simple providing it to bash.

Split Tmux Screen Horizontally

We will split tmux screen horizontally and create a new work windows. We will use

CTRL+B and after % . As we know CTRL+B is default function tool

Split Tmux Screen Vertically

Similar to previous example but split will accure vertically

Create New Tmux Window

We will create new window next to the current window

Navigate To The Previous Window

We can navigate with and keys

Kill Pane

To kill a tmux pane CTRL+B x key combination is used.

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