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Sponsored or Paid Posts Prices and Guidelines

Poftut.com is very popular tech how to, review site which is used a lot of peoples over the world. In order to get recent visit counts and country percentages please visit Advertisement page.

To publish a sponsored post with us, the following guidelines must be met:

  1. By definition, a sponsored post is one that includes a link to a website that offers a commercial product.
  2. Each post must have a minimum of 300 words and can include up to 3 “no-follow” or “do-follow” links as per Google’s guidelines. We reserve the right to edit your posts if any grammar, spelling, or formatting corrections are needed.
  3. A sponsored post must include at least one high-resolution image (or up to one video file) relevant with your topic. You must have the right to use these images or video, or they must be released under a Creative Commons license.
  4. If at any time we discover that a sponsored post violates copyright or patent, we reserve to remove it from our site.
  5. The views expressed in a sponsored post are solely the author’s and do not necessarily represent Poftut.
  6. If multiple posts are bought there will be some discount according to the number of posts.

Here is the latest price list. These prices are valid for 30 days and can change in the future.

Poftut.com Paid and Sponsored Post Prices
Poftut.com Paid and Sponsored Post Prices