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Linux ar Command Tutorial with Examples For Archiving 0

Linux ar Command Tutorial with Examples For Archiving

Linux ar command is used to create, modify and extract archives. ar is the short form and first two letters of the archive. ar is provided by most of the Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Debian, Kali, Mint, CentOS, Fedora, Red Hat, and BSD variants. Ar Is Archiving Not Compression Archiving is just putting multiple files into a single file without any extra operation. This means archiving do not compress files...


7z Command Tutorial With Examples To Compress And Extract Files In Linux

7zip is popular tool and compression format. 7zip supports wide range of  platforms and operations systems like Windows , Linux , BSD, MacOS etc. Syntax We will use following syntax for 7z command.


Commands While using 7z there are two component as we can see in the syntax. One of them is commands. Commands are used to specify the operations like:  a : Add files to archive...


Logrotate Command Tutorial With Examples For Linux

Logrotate main purpose is to easy administrator of Linux logs. It is very talented tool it can Automatic rotation Compression Removal Mailing Logs Logrotate can be configured and run accordingly with configuration files. We will look all of them in this tutorial in detail. Configuration File Logrotate generally works as a daemon. The logrotate binary is located/usr/sbin/logrotate . The configuration file is located at /etc/logrotate.conf . Here is the default logrotate configuration...


How To Use Cpio In Linux?

cpio is general file archiver used in Linux, Unix and BSD systems. It is created as a tape archive tool but gained new features along development. Cpio has its own compression format and extension. Creating Archive With Cpio We can create archive file with cpio by getting find output.

We use find to list all files in current working path and print all of them to the cpio to...


Linux tar Command and How To Tar A Directory

Old days of Unix to make backups into tape archives tar utility was used. The days past and Linux become popular in UNIX world. But the popularity of tar is never ended. tar is used compress and extract files. We will look usage examples of tar in this tutorial. Tar command is similar to the Windows zip. We can call this for Linux zip folder. There are alternative ways to...

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