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What Is Raspberry Pi with Its Features, Uses Cases? 0

What Is Raspberry Pi with Its Features, Uses Cases?

Its name is a bit strange but Raspberry Pi is the common name of series of single-board computers. The creator of the Raspberry Pi has the same name as the board where it is the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The first version of the Raspberry Pi launched in 2012 with a configuration of 700 MHz CPU, 256 MB RAM. During time 4 more main configuration is released and named with numbers...


How To Download and Install Kali Security and Penetration Test Linux Distribution?

Kali is a Linux distribution or it is a security and penetration test distribution. It is beyond a Linux distribution and provides a lot of useful, popular and featureful tools to the security professionals. Some of popular tools Kali provides nmap metasploit burp sqlmap masscan nikto … Download Kali We should get Kali installation iso image from internet official Kali site. Light version provides only popular tools which seems to...

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