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What Is ASCII Code and Table?

Computers work with binary math. Which means 0 and 1 but how can we get output like pictures, sound, decimal numbers. These 0’s and 1’s are converted into decimal and other type of the data. One of the most used convert type is ASCII. American Standard Code for International Interchange ASCII is acronym for American Standard Code for International Interchange . This standard is developed to serve common data format between...


How To Use Linux Xxd Command Tutorial For Hex and Binary Operations With Example?

Linux provides a lot of tools for hexadecimal and binary manipulation. Xxd is one of the most popular tool. Xxd is generally used to create hex dump of the given file or standard input. Help We can list help information about xxd command with the -h option.

Syntax We will use following syntax for xxd command.

Dump to Hexadecimal A file can be dumped into hexadecimal format just...


How Convert Files Between Ascii and Utf-8

I have a java code and I want to convert it into Utf-8. How can I do it in console. By the way I have multiple files so it need to be do multiple conversion. Getting Info About Character Set We start by getting information about character set. We need to be sure files character set to convert accordingly.

file is very useful tool to get information about files like...

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