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How To Recover Data with ddrescue Command?

ddrescue is a GNU provided data recovery tool.It can copy and recover file, directory or whole hard drive. The best part of the ddrescue is it can prevent or solve read errors. Install For Ubuntu, Debian, Kali and Mint We can install ddrescue tool for deb based distributions like below. ddrescue command is provided with … Read more

Linux Rsync Exclude File,Directory and Folder Examples

Rsync is very popular and powerful tool used for backup and clone operations. Rsync can work in localhost or remote hosts. This makes rsync very flexible. We have all ready provided some introduction in the following tutorial. Rsync Command Tutorial With Examples In this tutorial we will look exclude operations in detail. Exclude feature provides … Read more

Clone Windows and Linux Drives and Partitions with Clonezilla

Clone Windows and Linux Drives and Partitions with Clonezilla

Clonezilla is a very popular disk cloning and backup solution. Clonezilla provides a lot of different types of cloning capabilities. We can clone our source into SSH, FTP, SMB, WebDAV, or local file systems. In this tutorial, we will look at how to download Clonezilla and clone given partition to the remote file system. Clonezilla … Read more

Linux dd Command To Backup with Examples

Backup is important part of the Linux system administration. Without backups a system is not safe and also the system administrator position too 🙂 . There are different ways to take backup. Some tools provides user level backup operation like copying or sync files. Other backup tools provides more file system level backup operation. One … Read more

How To Copy Files and Backup With Xcopy In Windows?

Windows provides very featureful command which is used to copy files can take backups named xcopy . Xcopy can be used copy files from one partition to other partition or a usb drive. Xcopy also supports  incremental backup which create advantages  while taking backups. We will look different usage examples of xcopy in this tutorial. Help … Read more

Backup and Restore MySQL Databases With Mysqldump In Linux

One of the most important task of a database administrator is backing up and restoring databases. MySQL is a popular database server and provides tool named mysqldump for backup and restore operations. We will look different usage types of mysqldump in this tutorial. Syntax mysqldump [OPTIONS] database [tables] OR      mysqldump [OPTIONS] –databases [OPTIONS] DB1 [DB2 … Read more

Ultimate Backup Tools And Utilities List

Backup is the act of creating a redundant clone of existing data or system. Backup can be done in personal computers or corporate systems. One of the important jobs of System Administrators is taking backups. Actually taking simply backup is not enough because for a professional system there needs to be a backup policy. The … Read more

How To Backup Linux File System?

Linux is a stable operating system. There is a rare strong operating system foundation. But critical errors have occurs rarely too. Or they may be some hardware-related problems. If your Linux system got down where your database resides what will happen? If you have a backup is not so big problem. We can simply recover … Read more

How To Use Cpio In Linux?

cpio is general file archiver used in Linux, Unix and BSD systems. It is created as a tape archive tool but gained new features along with development. Cpio has its own compression format and extension. Creating Archive With Cpio We can create an archive file with cpio by getting find output. find . -depth -print … Read more

How To Use Owasp Vbscan?

VBscan is a security tool used to scan and find vulnerabilities in vBulletin forums. As we know these type of software have a lot of vulnerabilities to exploit and attackers use these very good. Credits goes to Mohammed Reza Espargham Install Installing Vbscan is just getting perl code from github. $ git clone && … Read more