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Java Data Types 0

Java Data Types

Java is a completely object-oriented programming language which provides a lot of different type of features. Primitive data types are some of them. Java provides basic or primitive data types like integer, string, logical true and false, etc. In this tutorial, we will learn the Java Primitive Datatypes. Primitive Data Types Most of the programming languages provide the primitive data type. Java also provides a primitive data type as a...

What Is Binary (Definition)? 0

What Is Binary (Definition)?

Binary is a numbering system used to express numbers in 2 states. These two states are 0 and 1. The binary numbering system is very important for computer and IT systems because the different type of hardware uses a binary system like CPU, RAM, GPU, HDD, NIC, etc. Binary Values Binary numbering system provides two values named 0 and 1.  There is no number like 3, 5 or similar in...


Awk Logical Operators – OR , AND , NOT

Boolean expressions are used to determine given conditions occurrence. Awk provides basic logical operators or and , or and not logic operators. In this tutorial we will look basic usages of these logical operators. Boolen logic operators mainly used with conditional statements where we can get more information from following tutorial. Awk If, If Else , Else Statement or Conditional Statements Example Data While doing logic examples we will use following test data...


Php – Boolean Variable Types , True, False

[rps-include post=6522] Programming generally consist of numeric and logic operations. We have seen numeric variables in previous post. Now we will look other part. While developing applications we generally provide algorithm. Algorithms mostly provides execution diagram. We will use logic values to check and change the execution of the application. Boolean Boolean logic uses true and false as values and makes some calculations with operators. We will see these calculations and operators...


Javascript Boolean Variable Types

While making decisions we generally need some logic values. Logic values are generally true and false . In Javascript these values are called as Boolean type. Boolean type variables holds logic values true and false. This type is simpler against string and number.

open variable is boolean type and hold value true. Convert To The String Boolean values can be converted to the string like below.

open holds true value toString will convert boolean true to string.


Python Variables and Types

Python programming language provides different data types in order to use data in applications. We generally use variables in order to store our data. As the name suggests variables can be changed during their lifetime. In this tutorial we will look different features and options of Python variables. Create and Assign Value To Variable Assigning some value to a variable in Python is very easy. We will use equal operator in...


In Python Operator Usage Tutorial with Examples

Python provides a lot of operators for comparison, checking existence etc. in operator is very popular operator used to check given values in given variables, list, dictionaries etc. In this tutorial we will look different use cases and examples of in operator. Check List Python lists provides elements in single item like an array. in keyword can be used to check given values in this list whether exist or not. We will simply...


Python Boolean Variable Types

Logic operations are one of the important topics in application development. Python supports logic operations and value as boolean. Boolean is data type used to represent logic values True and False. True generally used to positive or enabled situations. False is generally used negative or disabled situations. For example if we want to express existence of an item we will use boolean value. Create Boolean Variable Creating boolean value is easy as defining...

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