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What Is GCC (GNU Compiler Collection)?

What Is GCC (GNU Compiler Collection)?

The GNU Compiler Collection or GCC is a compiler and related auxiliary tools which are used to compile different programming languages into binary and related formats. GCC has been created and currently developed by the GNU Project. Also, the GCC name comes from the GNU as you have noticed. GCC is very popular in the … Read more

How To Install Tar.Gz or Tar.Bz2 Application Source Code?

As a systems administrator I generally use package managers to install software. But in some situations I can not use package manager because provided software version is old or do not compatible. In this situations how can I install new software from source code by compiling. Software source code can be get in different forms … Read more

How To Compile C and C++ Applications with GCC?

GCC is de facto compiler UNIX and LINUX Operating Systems. GCC is the acronym of the GNU Compiler Collection. As the name Collection suggest GCC supports C, C++, Java, Ada, Go, etc. In this post, we will look at how to compile C and C++ applications. Installing By default compiler, related tools are not installed. … Read more