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What Is LLVM? Getting Started with LLVM

What Is LLVM? Getting Started with LLVM

LLVM is a project which provides a collection of a modular compiler and toolchain software and technologies. The name “LLVM” is not an acronym that is different from other IT and Opensource projects. LLVM has started a research project at the University of Illinois in order to create a compiler and tool-chain which supports both … Read more

What is glibc Linux GNU C Library?

Linux provides a lot of opensource and free libraries to use operating system features easily. GNU is an opensource community which creates a lot of open source and free libraries. glibc is the short form of the GNU C Library. C Standard Library C programming language provides some standard libraries. The main standard library is … Read more

C Header Files and Include

[rps-include post=6557] C header files used to load builtin or third party libraries. Header files provides information about the library, functions, variables, structures etc. provided library. Include In order to load library header files we use #include preprocessor. #include preprocessor will load related library definitions before source code is expanded and compiled. All related definitions are inserted … Read more