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How To Change Group Ownership Of Files and Directories with chgroup in Linux?

Linux provides different tools for the similar or same functionality. chgrp  is the shortcuts for change group where used to change files group ownership. In this tutorial we will look different uses cases for chgrp  and examples. chgrp provides similar functionality to chown Syntax Syntax is simple where we provide options , group name and files … Read more

How To Change File and Directory Permissions with Chmod Recursively

We have an archive which is archived by someone else and we want to change file and directory permissions. In order to change all sub files and directories permissions we need to run chmod recursively. Recursively means please apply given permissions all given files and folders and their sub files and folders. -R or –recursive Option … Read more

Linux Chmod Command Tutorial with Examples To Change Permission of Files and Folders

Linux Chmod Command Tutorial with Examples To Change Permission of Files and Folders

chmod command is used to change access permission of files and directories in Linux operating systems. chmod stands for change mode. Access permissions specify whether a user account or group can read, write, or execute a given file and directory. chmod Command Syntax Syntax of chmod command is like below. chmod OPTIONS PERMISSIONS FILE Linux File and … Read more

How To Chown Recursively In Linux?

Linux files and folders have owners. Owners are required to control permissions. Which user can access which files. The user root created file will be owned by the user root. But what will happen we want to change the owner. Simply Recursively Change Files and Directories Owner User and Group We can change files and … Read more