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Windows CMD.exe or Command Shell Tutorial with Examples

Windows cmd or cmd.exe is standard shell and command line interface for all of the Windows operating system. Currently Powershell is preferred one but cmd is useful and popular too. In this tutorial we will look some...


Linux Bash History

Bash shell runs in terminals like gnome-terminal, konsole, getty, etc. To make things make easy bash provides some shortcuts and pragmatic operations. Here we will look details about them. History Busy system administrators writes...


For Loops In Windows With MS-DOS Command Propmpt

Windows operating system provides MS-DOS from easily days of its creation. MS-DOS is a platform generally used as a command line. MD-DOS have a lot of features those provides programming capabilities. In this tutorial we...


Linux Command Not Found Error And Solution

Common problem for system administrators or daily Linux users is command not found error. There are different causes about this problem. We can troubleshot this problem several ways. Misspelled Misspelling is number one problem...

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