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HTML Comments: How To Create and Use In HTML Code? 0

HTML Comments: How To Create and Use In HTML Code?

HTML is a very popular scripting or coding language used to create web pages. HTML provides different tags in order to create different units like textbox, color, paragraph, list, etc. While using HTML we may need to put some information about the code and tags. In this tutorial, we will learn how to create comments. Single Line Comment HTML comments are created with the <!– and –> tags. <!– is...


How To Comment In XML Tag Block or Single Line?

XML comments are very useful in order to explain the XML tags. Also if we want to test some XML code with and without we can use comments to enable or disable single line or XML tag block. XML has similar syntax and terms to the HTML and also comment term is the same. Comment XML Block As XML is a hierarchical language there may be a lot of tags which...


How To Write Comment Block In Batch File MSDOS

Windows MS-DOS very useful programming environment for Windows family operating system. In order to complete jobs easier, faster and less error system administrators generally uses batch scripts. In order to remember or understand commands and functions written to batch script we generally use comments or comment block. In this tutorial we will look how to create comments. Single Line Comment We will start by showing single line comment. rem is the keyword...


Linux Bash Comments Inline or Outline

Linux bash have a lot of different type of programming features. While using these features we can create very complex scripts or applications in bash. In order to take notes in a script we should use comments. Comments provides useful information for system administrators. Comment Bash In bash comments starts with # . In the following example comments can be easily seen that those comments start from beginning of the...


Java – Basics and Comments

Let’s start with simple Hello Poftut application. In application development comments are important because it provides clues about code. Comments are not included in code whiles compiling, interpreting or executing. They are just text can be read in code to give some hints. In java to mark comments // and /* */ are used .For example in the following code italic part is just comment and not compiled with the...


C Syntax and Basics

[rps-include post=6557] We have successfully compiled our application. But while compiling we have no detailed information about the program. In this chapter we will look basics of C programming language. Token The smallest part of a C program is tokens. Compilers start by reading source code and parsing tokens. If there is an unexpected token compile process will stop and give error. From developer point of view tokens are not...


Javascript Syntax and Basics

In this post we will start writing simple Javascript codes and run them on the browser. We will also look comments. Two Lines Of Code Our code is below. It is now two line and becoming more complex but not too much for our target.

Here is two JavaScript line ended with ; Comments Writing explanations to the code is a good habit for a developer. Comments are used to...


Python Syntax Tutorial

PYthon is practical and readable programming language. Python have different syntax from popular programming languages like C, C++, C#, Java etc. Python syntax makes it easy to learn. In this tutorial we will look some aspect of Python programming language syntax. Identifier Identifier is the one of the main topics of all programming languages.  Identifiers are used by programmer to specify some programming language structs like variable, class, function etc....


Local Group Management For Windows From Command Line

Modern operating systems like Linux, Windows uses groups to manage user rights more flexible way. Users generally assigned to the groups to use groups related privileges like Local Admin , Remote Desktop User , Power User , etc. In this tutorial we will look how manage manage local user groups in Windows operating systems. Help Help and syntax information about local groups can be printed with the following command.


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