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How To Use windiff To Compare Contents Of Two Files In Windows with Examples?

windiff is a tool used to compare given files contents and print same and different lines. windiff is provided by Windows SDK Core . So in order to use this tool we need to install Windows SDK Core for different versions. Download and Install windiff windiff can be downloaded from following links. Windows SDK is very large file which can take huge bandwidth and some time. We have also an...


Php – Operators

[rps-include post=6522] We have almost learned the variables and related types. But just variables do not enough to create useful applications. We generally need to operate over these variables and data. Operators are a way to operate on variable and data. For example if we need to sum two integer variables we should use sum operator. Let’s start looking available operators. We groups operators with the following group names. Arithmetic...


Linux Bash If-Else Conditionals

[rps-include post=6835] If-Elif operators are used to design flow of the bash script. We can change the flow according to given conditions with If-Elif . If When writing scripts we have a lot of situation to make decision. We solve the questions marks of the scripts with conditionals. For example the simplest one is we want to run script if a directory or file exist.

If exists then echo The most...

Comparing Strings In Python 0

Comparing Strings In Python

A string is a very useful and popular variable type used in the Python programming language. Sometimes we need to operate two or more strings and compare them. Comparing numbers is easy but the string is a bit different and harder. In this tutorial, we will look at different comparison operations on Python strings. Find Bigger String Two numbers can be compared in order to find the bigger one but...


Python If .. Elif .. Else Statements and Conditionals

Decision making one of the fundamentals operations in programming languages and applications. We mostly use decisions to implements applications logic. The primary mechanism for decisions in Python is if..elif..else keywords. We can simple call them if-else . In this tutorial we will look different aspects and usage  examples of if-else. If If is used to check whether given condition is true and run some code. So we need some condition and some code...


Winmerge Tutorial With Examples To Visual Patch, Diff, Merge

Linux operating system have different tools to find diff and create patches. Windows operating system do not provide any builtin tool for these operations. But there is a 3 party application which can be used easily and freely called Winmerge. Download and Installation The winmerge tool can be downloaded from following link. After download is completed the installation can be done with Next-Next style. Compare Two Files One of the...


Linux Bash test Command Tutorial With Examples

Bash have programmatic features which gives system administrators a lot of abilities. One of them is test command which will check given conditions and return logic results like true or false . There are a lot of different check functions where we will look most popular and needed ones.  Syntax

Check If A File Exists One of the most popular usage of the test command is checking a files existence. We will...


Compare Files With Comm Command In Linux

Linux have a lot of tools to compare files. These tools provides a lot of powerful features to meet user needs. But sometimes just simple comparison is enough for some users. comm is a tool for this purpose . Comm only compare files and shows differences in a visual manner. Syntax We will use following syntax for comm command.


Compare We will simply compare two files those have...

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