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Ternary Operator In Java Tutorial with Examples

Ternary Operator In Java Tutorial with Examples

The ternary operator is a conditional operator that is used in Java programming language. It is expressed as ?: which is very strange for Java syntax. The ternary operator provides some shortcuts and elegant solutions for different conditional situations. What Is the Ternary Operator? The ternary operator provides a condensed form of the if-else statement. … Read more

Linux Bash Case Statement with Examples

Bash provides an interactive shell and programming environment for its users. Programming environment have very reach features like loops for and while, selection if and case. In this tutorial we will examine the case mechanism in detail. Syntax Syntax of case statement is a bit different and complex then if and other conditional expressions. case statement generally uses expression which … Read more

Php – Switch Case Conditional Statements

[rps-include post=6522] In previous post we have learned how if-elseif-else conditional statement works. Php provides one more conditional statement named switch-case . switch-case statements generally used for more precise and deterministic decisions. We generally check if given value fully matches with given single value in each statement. Syntax of switch-case is like below. switch(VARIABLE){     case LABEL1:   … Read more

Linux Bash IF – ELIF – ELSE Conditionals Tutorial with Examples

Bash provides programmatic conditional statements. Conditionals provide a decision point for the application flow. For example, if the file exists to do this if not do another thing like logic operations. if else Syntax Bash if-else statement can be used in 3 different cases. Here list of their syntax. Single Case Check We can check … Read more