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How To Get Linux Network IP Address In Different Ways ?

We can determine Linux system IP address in different ways. IP address is used to communicate over network and can be get and set in different ways. In this tutorial we will use Ubuntu distribution but given examples and commands will work for all of the different Linux distribution like...


Ffmpeg Command Tutorial With Examples For Video and Audio

In today’s multimedia world there are a lot of different formats for video and audio. In order to use video and audio we generally need to convert and edit operations. There are different tools for this job but the most popular and useful tool is ffmpeg. Ffmpeg is used by...


Linux Cut Command With Examples

Linux provides cut command for remove sections from each lines of output in bash. cut command provides mechanism to filter extract column/text from file or standard output. Detailed examples can be found below. We have following text file named fruits.txt


Select Column Cut command provides ability to select specified...


How To List Installed Packages In CentOS, Fedora?

I have a vm named fedora_dev2. I want to create new vm but do not want to dig to install all packages in fedora_dev2 so  I need a script that list allready installed packages in fedora_dev2 and install them with dnf or yum in new vm. Here is what I...


Linux Print History Command Without Line Numbers

Linux history command is used to get previously used commands by the current user. Default size for the history command is 1000 which means that last 1000 command will be stored in the history. While listing history of bash line numbers are provided too. This is not expected in some...

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