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Php – Variables

[rps-include post=6522] Variables are used to store data in application. Variables can store data like string, text, integer, float number, logic value etc. Variables may defined different ways but there are some restrictions for variables names. Here some important things about variable naming. $ Sign All variables start with $ sign. It is like variable selector. … Read more

Structure In C Programming

Structure In C Programming

C provides primitive data types like int , char , float etc. But in order to solve real-world problems, we need more than these types. Newer object-oriented languages have a lot of features to implement real-world situations. For example, C++ provides Object Oriented features where we can implement real-world objects. C programming lacks these features but provides type. … Read more

Python Variables and Types

Python programming language provides different data types in order to use data in applications. We generally use variables in order to store our data. As the name suggests variables can be changed during their lifetime. In this tutorial we will look different features and options of Python variables. Create and Assign Value To Variable Assigning … Read more