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How To Recover Data with ddrescue Command?

ddrescue is a GNU provided data recovery tool.It can copy and recover file, directory or whole hard drive. The best part of the ddrescue is it can prevent or solve read errors. Install For Ubuntu, Debian, Kali and Mint We can install ddrescue tool for deb based distributions like below....


Useful Linux Commands A System Administrator Should Know

Linux is command based operating system. Most of things are done in cli based environment bash . In this tutorial we will look popular and useful commands used by Linux system administrators and user. You can access detailed tutorials simply clicking links below. tr tr command is used to translate or delete...

How To Backup Linux File System? 0

How To Backup Linux File System?

Linux is stable operating system. There is rare strong operating system foundation. But critical errors have occurs rarely too. Or they me be some hardware related problems. If your Linux system got down where your database resides what will happen? If you have backup is not so big problem. We...


How To Create Installation, Live Usb For Linux

There are different methods to write and image into medium and use it to open a computer. In the old days there way floppy disks. The main method was using floppy disks to boot system in rescue or live mode. Time goes and faster and more storage capability cdroms came...

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