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What Is Segmentation Faults and Causes?

Segmentation faults are common run-time error for C programs. When we run the program we will get segmentation violation or segm4 entation fault or similar errors and the program exits. Segmentation faults generally observed inside weak or untested applications. Common Causes Of Segmentation Faults There may be a lot of different causes for Segmentation Faults but there are some common ones which creates most of them. Improper format control string in printf() and...


Debug Applications with gdb In Linux

gdb is the short form of GNU Debugger. Debugger is a tool used to search and find and get detailed information about bugs in applications binaries. gdb is popular in Linux community which is used by most of the IDE, Programming tools event in Android IDE’s. In this tutorial we will look how to start and use basic features of gdb . Example Code During this tutorial we will use following simple application...


Debugging Linux Bash Scripts

[rps-include post=6835] While writing bash scripts we generally expects some results and provide these results to other scripts. But things goes not well as we expect. So we need to see under the hood and what is happening while script is running. Debugging is inspecting bash scripts to see what is wrong with script or show detailed information about script run. Debugging Whole Script To make whole script debug mode...


How To Compile C and C++ Applications with GCC?

GCC is de facto compiler UNIX and LINUX Operating Systems. GCC is acronym of GNU Compiler Collection. As the name Collection suggest GCC supports C, C++, Java, Ada, Go etc. In this post we will look how to compile C and C++ applications. Installing By  default compiler related tools are not installed. We can install them from repositories easily like below. Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Kali:

As we see GCC...

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