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What Is Binary (Definition)? 0

What Is Binary (Definition)?

Binary is a numbering system used to express numbers in 2 states. These two states are 0 and 1. The binary numbering system is very important for computer and IT systems because the different type of hardware uses a binary system like CPU, RAM, GPU, HDD, NIC, etc. Binary Values...


Python Floating Numbers Tutorial with Examples

Numbers are important part of the applications development. We use different type of numbers in different situations. We use int for integers where there is no floating point. We can use floating point type for floating point numbers. In this tutorial we will learn floating numbers. Define Floating Point Number We...


Linux od Command Tutorial With Examples To Dump Files Octal Number Format

od is a tool used to  dump files or input in different presentation formtas like octal, decimal, hexadecimal etc. od command especially useful for binary analysis also can be used to debug Linux scripts for unwanted characters. Help


Display File Octal Mode Octal mode is calculated with...

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