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What is Dell Service Tag and How To Use It?

Hardware manufacturers produces a lot of hardware. Some of these manufacturers like Dell, Hp, Huawei, Toshiba etc. sell these products to the corporations. So we can call these products as enterprise products. These products generally provides extra warranty for enterprises. So They need to track the hardware they produced. What Is Service Key or Tag? Service key is some alphanumeric values used to uniquely identify the hardware. It is similar...


Linux Compliant Laptop Vendors and Products

In this post we will look Linux pre-installed laptops and where can we buy. We will generally list Linux Laptop sellers and some example laptops and their prices. We will also look feedback about these sellers. To get more reliable information about Laptops and Servers Linux support distributions like Ubuntu, Red Hat provides information and certification about the hardware. For example Ubuntu support information can from Certification Ubuntu page. System76 System76...

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