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How To Control Python For Loop with Break Statement?

How To Control Python For Loop with Break Statement?

Python provides for loops in order to iterate over the given list, dictionary, array, or similar iterable types. During iteration, we may need to break and exit from the loop according to the current condition. In this tutorial, we will look at how to break a python for loop with break statement with different examples. Break Syntax break statement … Read more

How To Loop and Iterate Over Python Dictionary?

How To Loop and Iterate Over Python Dictionary?

Dictionaries provide simple data types with value and key. Dictionary data may be used in an iteration with for loop. By using for mechanism we can iterate over dictionary elements easily. In this tutorial, we will look at different ways to iterate over dictionary elements. Example Dictionary We will use following dictionary type named mydict in this … Read more

Python Type Function with Examples

Python provides a lot of different types for programming purposes. While using these structs we may need to decide which variable or identifier is which type. Python provides builtin type function in order to decide given identifier types. We just need to provide the identifier to the type function. Identify Type We will provide our identifier or … Read more

Python Variables and Types

Python programming language provides different data types in order to use data in applications. We generally use variables in order to store our data. As the name suggests variables can be changed during their lifetime. In this tutorial we will look different features and options of Python variables. Create and Assign Value To Variable Assigning … Read more

In Python Operator Usage Tutorial with Examples

Python provides a lot of operators for comparison, checking existence etc. in operator is very popular operator used to check given values in given variables, list, dictionaries etc. In this tutorial we will look different use cases and examples of in operator. Check List Python lists provides elements in single item like an array. in keyword can be … Read more

Python Set Data Structure With Examples

Python provides different structures to hold data. We have all ready looked list and dictionary in this site. Today we will look usage examples and features of python set. Set have same properties and behaviour of mathematical set. Sets have following features unordered means the order is not important and do not expect same order for … Read more

Python For Loop Tutorial With Examples and Range/Xrange Functions

For loop is used to iterate over given sequence. Sequence can be a list, dictionary or similar enumerable object for python programming language. For loop is a bit different from other languages like C, C++, Java … For loop in python mainly uses object to iterate but in other languages counting and statements are used … Read more

Dictionary In Python Tutorial

Dictionary In Python Tutorial

Dictionaries are complex data structures that hold information about the different types and related information. Dictionaries also called associative memories or associative arrays in different languages. Dictionaries generally format in key and value pair. Keys are used to label and search and find values. Create Dictionary As we say before we will provide key and value pairs. In this … Read more

Dymerge Dictionary Merge Tool

During penetration test one of the test component is brute forcing critical data like password, hash, key etc. One way to brute force is using dictionaries or word list. There are a lot of dictionary in the internet and we generally need to merge them. Dymerge is a security tool used to merge different wordlists … Read more