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What Is Peripheral Device (Types, and List Of Peripheral Devices)?

What Is Peripheral Device (Types, and List Of Peripheral Devices)?

A Peripheral Device is a computer device or part which is connected to the computer with different connection types. A peripheral device is not a core device for a computer which means a computer can work without a peripheral device connected to it. Peripheral devices generally provide extra function and data input and output functionality … Read more

What Is Hard Disk Drive (HDD)?

What Is Hard Disk Drive (HDD)?

Hard Drive is a component that is mainly used to store data inside an IT system. From the beginning of the IT systems which roughly starts from the 1950s. During all times these systems are required to save some data permanently into a component which is simply named as Hard Drive. In this tutorial, we … Read more

How To Download, Install, Use Windirstat To List Disk Usage Statistics, For Files, Directories On Windows?

Windirstat is a tool used to list, print disk, file, and folder size and related statistics on Windows operating systems. Actually, Windirstat is a clone of the Kdirstat which is developed for Linux distributions for KDE desktop environment where the K came from. The latest version of the WinDirStat is which is released January … Read more

How To Open System Information Panel On Windows To Check Computer and Specification?

Windows Operating systems starting from Windows XP provides System Information Panel. System Information Panel provides detailed information about the computer hardware, software and operating system. Open System Information Panel From Start Menu System Information Panel can be opened in different ways. The most basic and fast way is starting it from Start Menu . After … Read more

What Is RAID 6 (Redundant Array Of Independent Disks) and Configuration?

Disk and Data Availability is important for systems administrators. There are different ways to implement. RAID or Redundant Array Of Independent Disks is one of the most popular one. RAID 6 is complex disk architecture which is used to protect against two disk failure. We have all ready examined RAID types in this following tutorial. … Read more

How To Use vmstat To Monitor Linux Performance

Linux distributions provides a lot of tools in order to monitor system performance. vmstat is one of the most used tool for system performance monitoring. vmstat can collect and report information about memory, cpu, swap, io in a detailed way. In this tutorial we will examine the output of the vmstat and different features and options of it. … Read more

How To Recover Data with ddrescue Command?

ddrescue is a GNU provided data recovery tool.It can copy and recover file, directory or whole hard drive. The best part of the ddrescue is it can prevent or solve read errors. Install For Ubuntu, Debian, Kali and Mint We can install ddrescue tool for deb based distributions like below. ddrescue command is provided with … Read more

What is Master Boot Record or MBR?

Master Boot Record is the start of an partition schema in disk file systems. In daily usage we use single physical disk by splitting it multiple partitions for different use cases. Operating systems needs some structure in order to use disk drives without problem. Partition schema provides some structure where operating systems obeys this structure. … Read more

How To Use Chkdsk /F Command?

Check Disk tools is used to check integrity , health of disk or hard disk. Check disk supports variety of file systems those mainly used in Windows operating systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS. We have all ready examined the checkdsk options in the following tutorial. Windows Chkdsk Utility Tutorial with Examples To Fix File System Errors … Read more

How Raid Disk Configuration Works and Information About Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 5, Raid 10?

How Raid Disk Configuration Works and Information About Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 5, Raid 10?

RAID for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. Raid is mainly used to backup volumes or partitions on multiple physical disks. Raid can be implemented with different technologies like a soft raid or hard raid. What Is Soft RAID? Soft raid is implemented on operating system level and requires some tools and modules. Below is a … Read more