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The Top Linux Distributions (Distros)

Linux is mostly known with its distributions or distros but the reality is that Linux is just a kernel or core of the operating system. All user space and some of the operating space related tools are provided by distributions. We can actually call distribution as a operating system. Linux is very different from Windows … Read more

How To Check, Show and Print Linux Version with Commands?

How To Check, Show and Print Linux Version with Commands?

Linux is the kernel and there are a lot of distributions those use kernel. Distributions provide different experience and flavors to the users. Some times getting distribution and version information from a Linux box became very important. We will look at how to get Linux kernel and distribution from the Linux system. Kernel Information Kernel … Read more

Linux Mint Distribution Tutorial

Mint is a Linux operating system which is based Ubuntu. Mint uses Ubuntu packages and ads some tricks to make things modern, elegant, and comfortable. Mint is a popular operating system that can be seen from distrowatch.com web page. What Makes Mint Different Out of box multimedia and codec support Free, no cost and open … Read more