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How To Use Null Values In Django Model Fields

While I was looking django framework I need to add some fields to the model class but because of I have migrated current class and saved some value for this model django gives warning like this. You are trying to add a non-nullable field ‘type’ to word without a default;...


How To Get JSON Data with Django

When I was working on my web based software project I need to implement a json communication with Django and Jquery. The scenario was simple on the client side data is sent by using jquery and ajax , on the server side django will read json request and get array...


Django Session Variable and Seriliazation

Django session are used for time the users unique web application usage and gives ability to track users all information like username, basket etc. As I see that django makes usage off sessions very easy with MIDDLEWARE_CLASS SessionMiddleware which is configured in settings.py file. If you will do not use...

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