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Yum Command Tutorial With Examples For Linux Package Management Like Install, Update Remove

Linux applications installed (generally) as packages. Packages contains required files like binary, configuration, database, data, graphic etc. All files packaged to one file named rpm. There is a lot of packages in fedora or other rpm based distribution to manage. Keep in mind that there is also different version of packages...


How To List Installed Packages With Yum

I have a CentOS server. I want to list installed packages so I can find duplicate or unneeded packages easily. Yum provides package management for rpm based distributions. We can list packages like below.

yum is our package manager list installed will list only installed packages As you see we can...


How To Download Rpm Packages With Yum and Dnf

I want to download rpm packages with yum or dnf. As I know that Fedora uses dnf but CentOS and Red Hat uses yum. They will start to use dnf near future. As I know yum arguments are very similar with dnf. Dnf Dnf by default provide option do —downloadonly...

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