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What Is Server (In Computing)?

What Is Server (In Computing)?

Server is a bunch of hardware and software which is used to serve and provides different services to the clients in computing. Servers are an important part of computing where in today every internet user consumes different services from different companies’ servers. Servers are providing part of the Client-Server model and consumed by the different … Read more

What Is Computer Domain and Domain Name Definition?

What Is Computer Domain and Domain Name Definition?

domain is a very popular term used in computer and information technology. Users generally do not know or misinterpret the domain keyword meaning. The domain can be used in different areas of computer science. In this tutorial, we will learn Domain meaning and types with the purpose and difference with the Domain and Hosting. Domain … Read more

What Is A Server In Computing and Server Types?

The server is a computers type which consists of purposeful hardware and software used to provide different services to the clients.  Servers generally use different and special applications to provide services. A server can contain a single service or multiple services to serve. Types Of Servers There is a different type of servers. We can … Read more

How To Flush DNS and Reset TCP/IP with ipconfig /flushdns Command In Windows

DNS is used to translate between a human-readable name like poftut.com and IP address like 45.79.1333.118. DNS can use both UDP and TCP protocols but generally, UDP protocol is preferred. In this tutorial, we will learn how to flush, clear the DNS cache with ipconfig /flushdns command. This tutorial can be applied to the All … Read more

DHCP Reservation For Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 and Benefits

DHCP is a protocol used to provide network related configuration to the network hosts. Mainly IP address information, network gateway, network mask and DNS server information are provided by DHCP protocol. DHCP have more features like providing boot file over network etc. In this tutorial we will look how DHCP reservation works for Windows Server … Read more

What Is My DNS Server and Hot To Change DNS Server For Windows, Linux?

DNS Servers are a very important part of the internet and computer networks. When DNS servers are down we can not use the internet in a easy manner. DNS servers provide the domain name to IP or vice versa resolution. Windows Windows operating system family provides ipconfig command for a general information-gathering tool. ipconfig command … Read more