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How to Find Detailed Domain Information with whois Command?

whois  very popular and useful tool used to list and find domain information. We generally know that domain and sub domains are resolved to the IP address and our browser redirects to this IP address. But the actual story is not just this. Domain names have a lot of attributes...


Display Detailed System Information With Systeminfo For Windows Operating Systems

Windows operating system have a lot of third party tools used to get detailed system information like operating system, version, boot time, processor etc. We will look simple single command systeminfo to get detailed system information. List Information We will just issue the systeminfo command to get information about the computer.



Changing cisco hostname and disabling cisco domain look up

Hi , today we will look for setting cisco hostname and then disable domain look up. First we change hostname to ismailbaydan.com and then fall back to default hostname which is Switch

First we enable domain look up which is enabled by default and then disable domain look up...

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