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What Is BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) In Emails? 0

What Is BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) In Emails?

Email is a popular way of communication in private life and business life. Emails can be sent to multiple recipients in different ways. To,CC (Carbon Copy),BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) can be used to specify recipient in different ways. BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) is a very useful feature for emails. To We have to start from the basic email options where To: is used to specify the recipients. To is used...


Things To Do With Computer When Bored

We work for earn money. We consume our time for money but sometimes we may be bored. Changing current work will made us more happy and will refresh our mind. Here we will provide some useful things to do when we are bored. Consuming time with useful work is important for us. Read Technical Tutorials I think the best way to improve our career is learning new things and implementing...


Linux mail and mailx Commands Tutorial With Examples and Send Email From Command Line

Linux have a lot of tools, services and applications related email. Email have different architecture than standard client server. We will look an command line based mailing application named mailx. mailx more advanced version of the mail tool. General Concept As stated in previous paragraph email systems are bit more complex than standard client server architecture. There are some terms we should learn before continue Mail Client is an application used by user...

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