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What Is Syntax Error?

What Is Syntax Error?

During the application development, we may cause syntax errors which will prevent applications to run or compile. Syntax errors are described as compile-time errors which are detected before compiling applications except for interpreted languages. Syntax Error The syntax is the form of the words specified by the programming language. Syntax errors occurred by using the … Read more

Python Try Catch Exceptions Tutorial

As a developer, we have a lot of thoughts about the applications and features. Implementing them a tedious task. During the implementation, we can make mistakes. Those mistakes can be related to applications logic or technical. These errors will cause problems while the application is running. We call this type of problem as exceptions. We can … Read more

Dpkg Error “Dpkg Was Interrupted” and Solution

This is a small post about dpkg error. Dpkg is a tool used to manage package installation, removing, update of distributions like Debian, Ubuntu. Actually dpkg can be used distributions like Fedora, CentOS, RedHat but their default package manager is rpm. Error Here is the problem while install a package with apt-get or dpkg directly … Read more

Linux “Command Not Found” Error And Solution

A common problem for system administrators or daily Linux users is “command not found” error. There are different causes of this problem. We can troubleshoot this problem in several ways. Misspell Error Misspelling is number one problem especially novice users or beginners. Here is an example we will try to run nmap command but we … Read more

Apache Log Files

Apache or with real name httpd provides logs. These logs are very helpful while detecting errors, attacks. There is two type of Apache logs by default. Log resides in following directories. Log Path Apache logs are stored in different paths because of name difference for different distributions. DEB or apt family uses the name apache2 … Read more

JavaScript “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘…’ of null ” Error Solutions

While writing JavaScript beginners get a lot of Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘…’ of null error message so what is the problem with the code? Define Object During JavaScript Initialization Here is number one reason the object you try to access is not defined. It may define later. It is not a joke because if … Read more