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Python “with” Statement By Examples

Python "with" Statement By Examples

Python provides with statements in order to exception and resource handling. There is already exception and resource handling features in Python but by using with it is accomplished more elegant and clear way. with Statement Usage with statement can be used in different cases. We will list the most popular with statement usage in Python. … Read more

What Is Null Pointer Exception In Java and How To Fix?

What Is Null Pointer Exception In Java and How To Fix?

Java programming language provides the Null Pointer Exception type in order to handle object creation related errors and misuse. In this tutorial, we will learn what is Null Pointer Exception, its causes and How To Fix it? Null Pointer Exception Java is an object-oriented programming language. Java provides different objects in order to create and … Read more

What Is Exception and How To Handle An Exception In Applications?

What Is Exception and How To Handle An Exception In Applcations?

The exception is a term in applications development or programming. Simply exception is used to specify a state or a situation which is unexpected in applications. Exceptions occur in different and unexpected situations where there are a lot of different cases for an application and algorithm. The term also throwing exception by and applications also … Read more

What Is Segmentation Faults and Causes?

Segmentation faults are common run-time error for C programs. When we run the program we will get segmentation violation or segm4 entation fault or similar errors and the program exits. Segmentation faults generally observed inside weak or untested applications. Common Causes Of Segmentation Faults There may be a lot of different causes for Segmentation Faults but there … Read more

Python Try Catch Exceptions Tutorial

As a developer, we have a lot of thoughts about the applications and features. Implementing them a tedious task. During the implementation, we can make mistakes. Those mistakes can be related to applications logic or technical. These errors will cause problems while the application is running. We call this type of problem as exceptions. We can … Read more

C# Programming Language Null Reference Exception and Solution

Null Reference Exception is one of the most occurring exception. Object oriented languages generally creates new object for the variables. But if it is not created and not set by the developer trying to access an variable object will cause Null Reference Exception. In this examples we will use Csharp programming language for Null Reference Exception. … Read more