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Linux Bash Exec Command Tutorial with Examples To Execute Command

Linux bash provides different commands for daily usage. execcommand is mainly used to run commands in a bash environment. We can also provide parameters to this command. Syntax Syntax of exec command is like below.

Run Program or Script Directly Without using exec we can run programs and scripts too....


Compile C Hello World Program

[rps-include post=6557] Now we are here in start point. We will write a simple application which is generally a Hello World. This is very important because writing, compiling, running a C application is very important for beginners. Hello World Now our code is below. I have written this code very...


How To Secure Windows From Malware and Unwanted Executables With Applocker?

Windows ecosystem generally works with 3 party applications easily while installing and running them. This creates some risk especially for the novice users. Windows administrators generally want to restrict users applications and executables to make their operating system more secure. Windows recently launched a feature named AppLocker . As its name...

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