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C fgets() Function Usage Examples To Read File

Standard C library provides the fgets() function to read a line from a specified stream where the stream can be a file. fgets() function also used to read the specified number or size of the characters from the given string. In this tutorial, we will learn the usage of fgets()  function with its parameters with … Read more

C Programming Gets() Function Tutorial with Examples

C and C++ programming language provide the functiongets() in order to read input from standard input which is generally a terminal. gets is the short form of the get string where string shortens as s . In this tutorial, we will learn functiongets() usage with different examples and compare with functionscanf(). Declaration The functiongets() has the following syntax … Read more

File Operations, Open, Write, and Close Files In C

While learning C programming language one of the most exciting parts is writing and reading a file. Because these operations create something on the operating system we can see which is different from other examples. In this tutorial, we will look at different aspects of file operations. stdio.h Library As we know C provides different … Read more