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What Is NIC (Network Interface Card)?

What Is NIC (Network Interface Card)?

NIC is the short form of the Network Interface Card. Network Interface Card or simply Network Card is simply used to connect different types of devices into the network generally to access the internet or intranet. What Is NIC(Network Interface Card)? Network Interface Card explains itself in a pure way where A card which has … Read more

What Is Coaxial Cable and Hot It Is Used?

Coaxial cable is a type of copper cable. It was designed to transmit signals over the long ranges. Coaxial cable mainly used for cable TV and computer network to transmit data and signal. Especially in the 1970s and 1980s coaxial cable was popular for the TV broadcasting and computer networks, but with the development of … Read more

All About Ethernet Cables Like Cat, Coaxial, Fiber

Networks transmits signals through two type of medium. One medium is cables and other medium is air. Cables have  most popular usage. We will look different type of cables. And how these cables are used, their performances and characteristics. Coaxial Cables Coaxial cable or simply coax is a type of cable using a core conductor … Read more