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How To Download and Upload Directories Recursively In Linux

scp is popular protocol and command used to download and upload files and directories in a secure manner. We have all ready examined most of the scp command features in the following tutorial. In this tutorial we will learn hoe to copy directories or folders recursively with scp . Linux Scp Command Usage With Eamples Recursive Option -r option is used to download or upload files recursively. The copy direction is not important. So...


Linux Rsync Exclude File,Directory and Folder Examples

Rsync is very popular and powerful tool used for backup and clone operations. Rsync can work in localhost or remote hosts. This makes rsync very flexible. We have all ready provided some introduction in the following tutorial. Rsync Command Tutorial With Examples In this tutorial we will look exclude operations in detail. Exclude feature provides a lot of different use cases. We will look most useful of them. Exclude Specific...


How To Install OwnCloud On CentOS Linux?

I need some application that will provide online file sharing and synchronization. It should be free. Open Source solution is preferred. It seems that we will install OwnCloud which is is an open source, self-hosted file sync and share app platform. There are a lot of things like calendar sync, active feed notifications etc. but for now we will just install ownCloud. Get Repository Keys and Add Repository We need to...

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