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What Is File Explorer (Windows)?

What Is File Explorer (Windows)?

Files and folders are an important part of the operating system and daily computer usage. File Explorer is a generic term used to describe an application or tool which is used to manage files and folders in an operating system. But generally, the term File Explorer is used for the Windows operating system file explorer. … Read more

What Is A File?

What Is A File?

A File is an object which contains data for different purposes and types like information, image, video, configuration, database, etc. The file is the one of the most important components of the operating systems. File Contents All data in a system is store inside the files. So files can store different types of data in … Read more

How To Open Windows File Explorer In Different Ways like Shortcut, Command-line, GUI?

File Explorer is one of the most used tool or application on Windows operating systems.  File Explorer can be used to open file, directory, edit file, copy, paste etc. In this tutorial, we will learn how to open file explorer in different ways in different Windows operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, … Read more

How To Use PHP file() and readfile() Functions To Read PHP File?

PHP programming language provides file() and readfile() functions in order to read a file. In this tutorial, we will learn how to use file() and readfile() functions in order to read text or similar ASCII files like PHP files. file() Function and Syntax file() function has a very basic syntax where some of the parameters … Read more

PHP Glob() Function To Match Path, Directory, File Names with Examples

glob is a general term used to define techniques to match specified pattern according to rules related Unix shell. Linux and Unix systems and shells also supports glob and also provide function glob() in system libraries. In this tutorial we will look glob() function usage in PHP programming language. Exact String Search We will start with a simple … Read more

How To Find and List Large Files and Directories In Linux?

One of the important job for System Administrators is finding and deleting large and unneeded files from Linux operating system. In this tutorial we will look how to find, sort and delete large and trash files from Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Fedora, CentOS and RHEL etc. Large Files Directories In Linux distributions there … Read more

Linux Multipurpose Relay Socat Command Tutorial with Examples

Linux provides different philosophy and use cases from system point of view. `socat` is very interesting command which provides us the ability to redirect input and outputs from different type of system resources like network, file, command, socket etc. Install For Debian, Ubuntu, Mint and Kali socat can be install dpkg based distributions like below … Read more

How To Check If File Exists In Linux Bash?

Linux bash have different file and directory related functions to create, delete, change and check existence. In this tutorial we will look how to check a file or directory if it exists. Check File Existence We will use bash test mechanism. Bash test mechanism have two formats where we can use followings. test -f FILENAME … Read more

How To Linux Bash For Loop In Files?

Bash provides a lot of useful programming functionalities. for loop is one of the most useful of them. We can use for loop for iterative jobs. Linux system administrators generally use for loop to iterate over files and folder. In this tutorial, we will look at how to use for loop to iterate over files … Read more

Linux Lsof Command Tutorial With Examples

Lsof is linux command used for output files and processes related information. lsof support different type of file formats like regular file, directory, block special file etc. lsof provides given command output parsable format where other tools like cut can be used to filter output. In this tutorial we will look different use cases of lsof command. In order … Read more