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Windows Copy Operation With Xcopy Command Tutorial With Examples

Windows have different tools and commands to copy file, folders and subfolders. Xcopy is one of the most popular copying command. Xcopy comes builtin with all Windows operating systems. In this tutorial we will look different usage types and examples of Windows xcopy command. Help Help about xcopy command can be get with the following. $ xcopy … Read more

How To Compress Files and Folders In File System Level With Compact Command In Windows NTFS?

Windows modern file system NTFS provides some compression mechanisms to gain more space in disks and partitions. This compression operation is done mainly with compact command. This command do not directly compress the files as we stated in the start compression operation is done by NTFS file system in the file system level. So we do … Read more

How To Find and Remove Duplicate Files In Linux?

Hi, long time age when I was new comer to the Linux world I was using duplicate file finder named fdupes. But after a time I change my OS to windows and again to Linux. But I stopped using fdupes. Today When I was looking to the file compression of btrfs I found fdupes again … Read more