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What Is exFAT FileSystem? Compare exFAT with FAT32 and NTFS

What Is exFAT FileSystem? Compare exFAT with FAT32 and NTFS

exFAT or Extensible File Allocation Table is a file system introduced in 2006 by Microsoft. exFAT is mainly designed and optimized for flash memory, USB flash drives, and SD cards. exFAT can be used alternative to NTFS and FAT file systems to lift performance and size limits. Actually, exFAT32 is an advanced version of the … Read more

How To Scan Disk On Windows?

Disk drives are used to store files, folders, and data permanently even the system reboots. In some cases like a reboot, software error, sudden electricity interrupt or similar the disk may be set in an inconsistent state. In order to check and correct errors about these, we can scan the disk. Scan Disk Check Disk Util Check Disk Util is … Read more

List and Change Kernel Config Variables With Sysctl Command

Linux operating systems run  on the kernel actually Linux kernel. The kernel name is Linux but the distributions are generally named as Linux. Kernel provides operating system services to the user space applications. Kernel have a lot of option and configurations possibilities to meet user space applications, libraries and system administrator needs. These configurations may … Read more

How To Repair Ext2, Ex3, Ext4 File System In Linux?

Linux file systems are generally robust and work very well. But it can happen errors rarely. How can we check and fix these file system errors? Fsck is a check and repair utility for Linux file systems. Fsck can check and repair one or more file system. The file system can be a device or … Read more

How To Use Linux df Command with Examples?

df is a command-line tool used to get information about disk usage. df is created under the GNU project and provided for different Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Mint, CentOS, Fedora, RHEL, SUSE, Debian, BSD, and Unix. Getting Help About df We can get help about df with –help parameter. Keep in mind that -h is used for … Read more