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What Is A Plugin In Computing? 0

What Is A Plugin In Computing?

In computing, a plugin is used for different software like browser, word processor, web application, etc in order to provide an extra feature. Plugins can be also named as an add-on, extension which have similar meanings and usage. Generally, plugins are related to web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc. Plugin or Add-on or Extension Plugin and Add-on are terms used to describe some extra...

How To Install, Update and Uninstall Adobe Flash On Windows? 0

How To Install, Update and Uninstall Adobe Flash On Windows?

Adobe Flash is a framework used to create interactive web experience in various ways. With Adobe Flash client-side applications, games, video players can be created. Adobe Flash was in the 2010s but currently, with the advance of HTML5, it is losing popularity. But it is used by a lot of people even losing its popularity. Download Flash Player Adobe Flash player is downloaded from the Adobe web site URL which...

What Is Webpage? 0

What Is Webpage?

Internet is the most popular and crowded network in the world. The Internet provides different services, applications. The webpage is the most popular service or application provided by the internet. The webpage provides content on different topics. In a technical way, Webpage consists of different technologies like HTML, JavaScript, XML, Picture, Video, etc. Web Page Well, this is a web page provided by There are a lot of web...

How To Use Bookmarks In Google Chrome - Create, View & Edit Bookmarks? 0

How To Use Bookmarks In Google Chrome – Create, View & Edit Bookmarks?

Bookmarks are an important component of the Web Browsers. Google Chrome uses Bookmarks traditionally. Bookmark is normal life used to set the page of a book when we read it and later find and resume from there. In web browsers, bookmarks are used to store web page and its URL in order open just a few clicks without writing or remembering the whole URL. What Is Bookmark Bar? Bookmark bar...

How To Install and Use Tor Browser To Surf Web Securely and Anonymously? 0

How To Install and Use Tor Browser To Surf Web Securely and Anonymously?

Tor is a popular project which is created to provide anonymous and secure web access to peoples around the world. Tor project provides different components like Onion VPN protocol, Tor Web browser, etc in order to complete the secure and anonymous web access. What Is Tor Web Browser? Tor web browser the GUI part of the Tor projects which can provide access to the web pages and applications. The underlying...


How To Download and Install Opera Browser On Windows and Linux?

Opera Browser is a long-running browser which is not popular to much but used a lot of people. Opera provides different user experience than Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. In this tutorial, we will learn how to install Opera Browser to the Windows and Linux operating system. Opera Features Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge are very good and extensible browsers. They provide plugins for Free VPN, Ad Blocker,...


How To Install and Config Polipo Caching Web Proxy On Linux?

Polipo was the best HTTP proxy when it emerged. Since then web behavior has a lot changed and HTTPS became popular. HTTPS prevents intermediates to read traffic and cache them. Polipo is not maintained currently but useful for different cases. Install For Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Kali We can install polipo for Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Kali with the apt-get command like below.

Install For Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Kali We can also install...


How To Use Google Chrome Commands?

Google Chrome is the most popular browser used around the world. Google Chrome supports platforms like Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android etc. Google Chrome uses Omnibox address bar which can be used access to the Chrome features and settings easily. Settings – chrome://settings We can use the following command in order to list current Chrome settings.

Search Engine – Settings – chrome://settings/searchEngines Chrome comes with a default search engine which is...


What Is Apache Web Server?

Apache web server is a web server application or services used to serve provided files and applications over network which is generally internet. In this tutorial we will explain what is Apache Web Server in details by providing related technologies, owner and versions of Apache Web Server. Web Page Web page is a bunch of HTML, Javascript, CSS code with extra objects like image, video etc. Web pages generally used...


How To List, Filter, Add, Remove Change Firefox Settings From About:Config

Firefox provides settings and configuration windows in a user friendly way. But as a browser it provides a lot of configuration and all of these configurations can not be put in to forms. We can access this detialed configuration through browser address bar. Open All Configs We can open about config by putting about:config  into address bar. This will show us a warning about the sensitivity of the configuration page...

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