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calloc() Function Tutorial In C and C++ To Allocate Memory

calloc() Function Tutorial In C and C++ To Allocate Memory

calloc() function is used in C and C++ programming languages in order to allocate memory. calloc() function is used to allocate memory for the given variable type for the given count. After allocation initializes the allocated memory area by filling zeros. calloc() Function Syntax calloc() function has the following syntax where it accepts two parameters. … Read more

mmap Tutorial with Examples In C and C++ Programming Languages

As programmers we generally use malloc() , free() and similar functions in order to allocate memory. They are provided by glibc() library. The actual work is done by mmap() and munmap()which is a Linux systemcall. What Does mmap() Function? mmap() function or system call will create a mapping in the virtual meory of the current process.The address space consist of … Read more

How To Check Memory Usage Of Linux?

Linux operating system is popular with its efficient memory usage. Also Linux operating systems provide a lot of details about their memory usage. In this tutorial we will look into details of the memory usage information. There are different ways to get memory usage information. Alternatively we can call this RAM usage. Because in the static … Read more

How To Get Ram Size In Linux?

What are the ways to get ram size in Linux operating system?

Here is some methods to find ram size in Linux operating systems like Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, Red Hat.

Getting Ram Size With meminfo

Proc file system provides coonfiguration information about the current opoerating system. We can get information from direcly kernel provided /proc/meminfo . We can see a lot of information parameter with meminfo

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