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Linux Bash How to Define, Use Shell Variables

[rps-include post=6835] Variables are programming part of the bash and very useful. Without variables bash will be very inefficient shell. Variables are used by bash itself, running applications, daemons, X (graphic) server and for a lot of things. Define Variable Defining variables are easy in bash, just variable and data is enough. echo is used … Read more

How To Install, Configure, and Run Linux Tftp Client?

How To Install, Configure and Run Linux Tftp Client?

Tftp (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) is a very simple client-server protocol used to transfer data and files over the network. Ftp is a very popular protocol but it has a lot of features that may not be needed always. Tftp is a lightweight alternative to Ftp protocol. We can say that Tftp is a featureless … Read more