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How To Download, Install and Use GNU Grep On Windows?

How To Download, Install and Use GNU Grep On Windows?

grep is a very powerful and useful tool used in Linux and Unix operating systems. It is mainly used to match and print specified text in given text files in different formats. grep also have subversions like egrep which will provide extended functionality like regular expressions. In this tutorial, we will learn how to download, … Read more

What is glibc Linux GNU C Library?

Linux provides a lot of opensource and free libraries to use operating system features easily. GNU is an opensource community which creates a lot of open source and free libraries. glibc is the short form of the GNU C Library. C Standard Library C programming language provides some standard libraries. The main standard library is … Read more

How To Recover Data with ddrescue Command?

ddrescue is a GNU provided data recovery tool.It can copy and recover file, directory or whole hard drive. The best part of the ddrescue is it can prevent or solve read errors. Install For Ubuntu, Debian, Kali and Mint We can install ddrescue tool for deb based distributions like below. ddrescue command is provided with … Read more

How To Download and Install Wget For Windows?

wget is used to download files over a network with different protocols. wget can be get from most of the Linux distributions with their respective package manager. But in windows, we need to get and install wget manually. In this tutorial, we will look at how to download, install and setup wget for windows operating systems like 7, … Read more