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What Is Google?

What Is Google?

Google is an American technology company that is well known for its search engine, Android operating system, Gmail mail service, GDrive cloud storage. Google started with a search engine which made it very popular and rich. In the ongoing years, Google created different technologies, services, and products. Google’s official name or the parent company is … Read more

What Is DOCX File and How To Open, Edit and Convert DOCX?

DOC or DOCX is a documenting format developed by Microsoft. DOC and DOCX formats are mainly used in the Microsoft Office Word application. DOCX is the newer and enhanced version of the DOC format. DOC and DOCX documents contain text, images, shapes, styles, graphics, animations, videos, and page formatting. After Microsoft Word 2003 DOC format … Read more

How To Install OwnCloud On CentOS Linux?

I need some application that will provide online file sharing and synchronization. It should be free. Open Source solution is preferred. It seems that we will install OwnCloud which is is an open source, self-hosted file sync and share app platform. There are a lot of things like calendar sync, active feed notifications etc. but for … Read more