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How To Delete Google Search and Chrome Browser History? 0

How To Delete Google Search and Chrome Browser History?

Google is the center of our lives. Google tracks our location, behaviors, friends, calls, web activity, etc. Google Chrome is the most popular browser currently with 80% of the browser market share. Google Search History Google is actually a big data company where it stores a lot of user data. These data vary from Web & App Activity to Location History, Voice & Audio Activity to YouTube Search History. Google...

How To Install Google Chrome Browser On Ubuntu? 0

How To Install Google Chrome Browser On Ubuntu?

Google Chrome is an opensource, free browser. Google Chrome is the most popular browser which is used by millions of peoples on different operating systems like Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Windows, Windows Server, MacOS, Android, iPhone, etc. Google Chrome is based on Chromium browser engine and operating system. Install Google Chrome From Downloaded Deb Package Ubuntu distribution uses Debian as base distribution. Most of the packages, architecture are provided by Debian....


How To Use Google Chrome Commands?

Google Chrome is the most popular browser used around the world. Google Chrome supports platforms like Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android etc. Google Chrome uses Omnibox address bar which can be used access to the Chrome features and settings easily. Settings – chrome://settings We can use the following command in order to list current Chrome settings.

Search Engine – Settings – chrome://settings/searchEngines Chrome comes with a default search engine which is...


How To Update Google Chrome Browser?

Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world. Chrome is a present from Google. Google Chrome has also an operating system which uses Google services for corporate work. In this tutorial, we will look at how to update Google Chrome browser for operating systems like Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Kali, Fedora, CentOS, RedHat. Update Google Chrome For Windows Operating Systems Google Chrome provides a simple and easy update...


Popular Free DNS Services Around The World

DNS is important protocol for internet. Without DNS protocol we can not use internet effectively. DNS resolves domain and host names into IP addressees where computers and network devices can understand and operate. In recent years  DNS is used to block access to the some web sites and domain names. But internet is a free world which can provide solutions about this censorship. In this tutorial we will list publicly...


Google Dork or Search Hacking Tutorial

There are a lot of different tools that helps us while making security tests, security assessment or hacking ;). These tools are sometimes open source sometimes paid software. Google is one of the tool that is used for security tests. It may seem ridicules but it is correct. We will see how google can be used as information gathering tool. intitle To search websites title attribute intitle can be used....


How to Setup Kubernetes 1.4 on Ubuntu

Kubernetes is production grade container orchestration tool which automates container deployment, scaling and management. It is a google product that is used at google internally. Kubernetes newer outgrows because it is flexible. Kubernetes is opensource so there is no restriction, fees etc. Some of companies that use kubernetes is Pearson, Ebay, Wikimedia. Kubernetes have the ability scale applications on the fly. Install Kubernetes We start by downloading Google Repository keys...

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