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How To Grep Text Files With Powershell Grep or Select-String Cmdlet In Windows?

Linux provides tool named grep for filter text data or output according to given string or regular expression. This tool is popular amongst Linux system administrators. On the other side Windows operating systems generally lacks this tool and its functionality up to Powershell. Powershell provides Select-String commandlet to provide similar features and options the Linux grep … Read more

Pgrep and Pkill Command Tutorial With Examples For Linux

While working process general ps command is used. Ps command provides detailed information about processes those run on the system. We generally use grep command with ps to filter or match. There is a alternative and more practical way to work process. Pgrep and pkill can be used to manage, list and kill process. Syntax pgrep [options] pattern … Read more

Linux wc Command Word and Line Count Tutorial With Examples

Linux provides a lot of tools for text-related operations. wc is one of them. This tool is a little tool less than 10 options. In this tutorial, we will look at how to count bytes? How to count words? How to count Lines? and How to use wc with other Linux commands like find and … Read more

Killing Linux Processes With killall Command

We have previously looked the command kill to kill process accordion to their names, owners, etc. But using only kill command to kill a process according to its owner is done with supportive commands like grep. In this tutorial, we will look more compact and all in one command killall . killall Command Syntax The syntax … Read more

Linux Cut Command With Examples

Linux provides cut command for remove sections from each line of output in bash. cut command provides a mechanism to filter extract column/text from a file or standard output. Detailed examples can be found below. We have the following text file named fruits.txt apple   1       good grape   5       bad banana  2       not bad Syntax cut … Read more

Linux xargs Command Tutorial With Examples

xargs is a command which can be found in most of the Linux and BSD operating systems and gives scale-ability to execute a command from standard input. Grep and awk accept parameters from standard input but cp or echo do not accept parameters from standard input. They only accept parameters from the command line. xargs … Read more

Introduction to Linux Grep Command With Examples

grep is a tool for filtering text in Linux systems. We can get a specific text or look for a pattern. grep is a tool used daily operation by Linux administrators. We will look at simple usage types in this tutorial. Grep can be used to find a word inside a folder. Grep name came … Read more

Grep and Filter IP Address In Linux

Searching IP address in a text file or a console output may become cumbersome. This little command named grep will help you in this way. Example Data We have a file or output which includes the IP address and we want to extract just IP addresses nothing other. This file is created with a nmap … Read more