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All About DDR4 Ram Like Frequency, Price, Performance

In computing RAM or Random Access Memory is very important. RAM technology is evolving in years. At the end of 90’s we were using 128 MB RAM. Yes 128 MB it is not joke. Today we are talking about 64, 128 GB RAMs for Laptops and Desktops. In this tutorial...


How To Get Cpu Info and Number of Cpus In Linux?

Cpu is central part of the computer systems.  They provide all logic and computation power to the operating system that runs on them. In general we look the frequency and brand of the cpu like i5,i7. There are very different features in detail in CPU’s. There are different commands to...


How To Get Ram Information In Linux

We have a lot of servers. There are different type of vendors and products. Tracking them about theirs hardware is hard work. For example to get ram information by opening all cases of servers is impossible. Here comes linux magic. Linux provides a lot of commands. We can use dmidecode...

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