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How To Install John The Ripper To Windows and Linux (Ubuntu, Debian,Kali, Fedora, CentOS)

John can be run Unix,Linux,Windows,MacOS Platforms. Source code can be found at github. Debian,Ubuntu: apt-get install -y john Fedora: yum install -y john Windows: Here is the windows binaries. http://www.openwall.com/john/j/john180j1w.zip

How To Use Psexec Tools To Run Commands and Get Shell Remote Windows Systems?

Windows operating system provides different ways to manage remote systems. Telnet, RDP, VNC are some of them. But these options are generally bound to a graphical user interface. If we prefer a command-line interface there is an alternative named Psexec. Psexec is actually a toolset consisting of following tools. PSexec used to execute commands at remote … Read more

How To Verify Files and Signatures with PGP In Linux?

GnuPG is an opensource and popular alternative to the PGP. PGP provides encryption-related function. PGP provides a hash function like standard Linux packages. We will look ow to verify files downloaded from the internet with their PGP signatures to verify. Find PGP Information In this example, we will use the Apache source code. Apache PGP … Read more

How To Check Integrity Of Files In Linux?

In today IT world everything connected and a lot of data is being downloaded from the internet or over networks. This may create some minor problems. The data downloaded may be corrupted or there may be some intruders in network and with the man of the middle attack may change our files. There are different … Read more

How To Use GPG To Create, List Keys and Sign Files?

GnuPG or GPG is Gnu version of Open PG standard implementation. It is very popular especially at personal use for mails etc. Here I will look basic usage of gpg2 in Linux command line interface. gpg2 is the second major version of gpg. Create/Generate Private GPG Keys Here we will create public and private keys … Read more

Dymerge Dictionary Merge Tool

During penetration test one of the test component is brute forcing critical data like password, hash, key etc. One way to brute force is using dictionaries or word list. There are a lot of dictionary in the internet and we generally need to merge them. Dymerge is a security tool used to merge different wordlists … Read more