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Linux Bash Alias and Shortcuts

Linux Bash provides some shortcuts about operations. Sometimes we need to run a log and error prone command in the shell. Every time writing or remembering the command is not a feasible way. Bash...


Linux Bash History

Bash shell runs in terminals like gnome-terminal, konsole, getty, etc. To make things make easy bash provides some shortcuts and pragmatic operations. Here we will look details about them. History Busy system administrators writes...


How To Clear Linux History File Easily?

Linux history file is the name suggest the history of the linux system. The commands run on shell is stored in to th history file. History file is generally located at users home directory...


Linux History Command Tutorial with Examples

Linux history is a function of the bash that provides previously issued commands with different options. In this tutorial we will look these options. Display History To simple list history providing history command is...


Linux Print History Command Without Line Numbers

Linux history command is used to get previously used commands by the current user. Default size for the history command is 1000 which means that last 1000 command will be stored in the history....

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